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O jornal Kansas City lançou o debate e a votação: devemos ou não ignorar as ambições nucleares da Coreia do Norte?

E deixa argumentos, com base em artigos de outros jornais:


(…) According to Kim watchers Ralph Hassig and Kongdah Oh, the North Korean leader grew up a spoiled child. Attention is what he seeks. If he does not get it, he might just drop his temper tantrums and change tack. (…)


(…) Sanctions can work; they brought down the apartheid regime in South Africa. But to work they have to be unanimous. If China or Russia is not involved, sanctions become meaningless. Washington certainly does not have any leverage over Pyongyang other than by attacking it. And the danger is that if China and Russia continue their soft-softly approach, it may soon be too late to avoid such an attack. Nuclear blackmail is not ordinary blackmail. It is not like repeating threats to reveal compromising photos. (…)


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