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A Coreia do Sul está a acordar para o dia 11 e os editoriais de alguns dos principais jornais sul-coreanos espelham a gravidade da situação.

Korea JoongAng Daily

The government has announced that North Korea was behind the March 20 cyberattacks against three major television networks and two financial companies in Seoul.

A joint response team comprised of the government, military and civilian sectors said that a cyberattack unit under the Reconnaissance General Bureau of North Korea had committed malicious cyberterrorism on main servers and personal computers by erasing more than 48,000 documents after thoroughly preparing to plant malignant code for as long as eight months.

The Korea Herald

Bracing for the worst

What will it take for North Korea’s young, inexperienced leader to realize that his attempts to blackmail South Korea and its allies will not work and could instead put him on a slippery slope to ruin?

As his previous provocations, such as a nuclear test and missile launches, failed to intimidate Seoul and Washington, Kim Jong-un has started to play a new card ― the shutdown of the Gaeseong industrial complex.

But he should be careful what he wishes for. The closure of the complex, widely seen as a symbol of inter-Korean cooperation and the last exchange link left between the two Koreas, could prove to be his undoing.

Korea Times

Cyber warfare Seoul must review preparedness for new breed of attack

North Korea was pinpointed Wednesday as the perpetrator of a massive cyber attack that paralyzed more than 30,000 computers and servers at the nation’s banks and broadcasters last month.

The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning said the series of cyber attacks on March 20, 25 and 26 resembled methods North Korea had attempted in previous cases. According to news reports, six computers in North Korea were used to access South Korean servers using more than 1,000 IP addresses overseas and 13 of those IP addresses were traced back to North Korea. Surprisingly, the attack had been planned for eight months before it was launched.


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